What is a Nights Away Permit?

The Permit is credit card-sized and is a ‘mini certificate’ confirming the level of camping skills attained by its holder. The available categories are: Indoor – for staying in a building that has toilets plumbed into a waste disposal system…

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Do I need a permit?

Yes. For every nights away event, a permit holder must be present. See POR Chapter 9.56

What is the application process?

Submit your Nights Away Application Form to the relevant Advisor at the address. This must be done before any planning can take place. You should include, where possible, documentation to back-up previous camps/overnight stays you may have organised or been…

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Can I upgrade my permit?

If you wish to be considered for a Permit Upgrade you need to contact an Advisor before doing anything else. Each upgrade needs to be reviewed on an individual basis and your Advisor will need to be informed before any…

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How do I renew my permit?

Permits are issued for a maximum of 5 years. You will need to complete the standard application form and forward to your Advisor including all experience gained during the period since your last assessment. A further assessment may be required,…

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