Executive Committee

The makers of decisions, writers of minutes, and all-round great volunteers!

The District Executive Committee plays a vital role in the running of Wansdyke Scouts. The Executive Committee make decisions and carry out administrative tasks to ensure that the best quality Scouting can be delivered to young people in the District.

John Mander

John Mander, District Chairman, has been involved in Scouting since the age of 11. He has over 30 years’ experience as an ASL, SL, and GSL in Croydon. He retired to Wansdyke in 2006 and served as Group Executive member in Radstock, and for 5 years was District Secretary.

Jane Bale

One day at work, a good friend, colleague and GSL asked me to help out with his Cub Pack and so began my Scouting career.  After taking on the roles of Assistant Cub Scout Leader (West Wiltshire) and Assistant Beaver Scout Leader (Wansdyke) I have now moved to being Group Secretary and District Secretary, supporting the Leaders and Groups from the admin side. 

Tina Curtis
District Commissioner

My Scouting life started with my son joining Beavers and, like a lot of leaders, I became involved with the group’s executive committee and gradually worked my way to Cub Leader and then joined the District Team. I really enjoy working with other leaders and the young people to make sure they both get the most from their Scouting experience. Discovering the next level of Scouting and learning how everything works at County & National level is much more fun than I thought it would be and I am looking forward to helping shape the future for Scouting and for our young people to develop skills for life.

Graham Bush
Deputy District Commissioner
Mark Smee
Explorer Scout Commissioner
John Sharp
Ian Carter

Known by many as Carts, joining Keynsham Cubs in 1963 and never left! My first Leadership role was Cub Scout leader during 1976 -1986 also becoming: Troop Scout Leader 1986-1990, Venture Scout Leader 1989 -2002, District Explorer Scout Commissioner 2003 -2013, Keynsham GSL 2003-date. I also hold various county admin roles and was awarded Bar to the Silver Acorn 2016. I hate knots but have a passion for International scouting and love change taking the view if things stay the same.

Tony Stringer

I have been involved with Scouting in an administrative capacity since May 1990 initially as Group Secretary for 1st Saltford.

I joined the District Executive in June 1993 and became District Appointments Secretary in August 1998 which is still my primary role.

Also served as Avon County Appointments Secretary from 1999 - 2008.

20 years in one role is more than enough for anyone so if someone would like to take on the role please contact the DC.

Tristan Stuart

I joined as a Beaver and progressed through the sections and really enjoyed the experience and skills I gained.  I then became an ASL, I have also held the roles of ACSL, SL and CL and have really enjoyed working with young people and passing on the knowledge I have gained to them at section meetings and large district events.  When the District Executive asked for younger members to join them I was happy to step up.

Stuart Whale
Trustee and Assistant District Commissioner (Training)

One thing just leads to another!  Having been a Cub & Scout in my youth I reconnected with Scouting with my children as they joined Beavers in 2007.  It wasn’t long before I started to volunteer; first as Beaver Scout Leader and then Group Scout Leader. Now I help and support volunteers completing their Scout Training.

Will Holmes

I started Scouting in High Littleton, moving up through the sections before returning as a Young Leader, then becoming an Assistant Scout Leader when I turned 18. I joined the group executive committee shortly after, representing the young peoples’ voice in the group. After serving as District Youth Commissioner, I now continue to champion young people's voices as part of the District Executive Committee.

Nigel Wright
James Swallow
Co-opted member and Media & Communications Manager
My Scouting story started aged six at local group High Littleton, where I'm currently an Assistant Scout Leader. I worked my way up through Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Explorers within the district. My job is to promote the amazing things we achieve as Scouts and to support recruitment through all media platforms- including this website! I also help groups to utilise technology and communication platforms to improve Scouting and make leaders' lives that little bit easier, so they can focus on the fun stuff!
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