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Here at our district, we have a hardworking team of volunteers that keep things ticking along.

Fancy joining us? We'd love to hear from you.

Tina Curtis
District Commissioner

My Scouting life started with my son joining Beavers and, like a lot of leaders, I became involved with the group’s executive committee and gradually worked my way to Cub Leader and then joined the District Team. I really enjoy working with other leaders and the young people to make sure they both get the most from their Scouting experience. Discovering the next level of Scouting and learning how everything works at County & National level is much more fun than I thought it would be and I am looking forward to helping shape the future for Scouting and for our young people to develop skills for life.

Graham Bush
Deputy District Commissioner
James Swallow
Media and Communications Manager

My Scouting story started aged six at local group High Littleton, where I'm currently an Assistant Scout Leader. I worked my way up through Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Explorers within the district. My job is to promote the amazing things we achieve as Scouts and to support recruitment through all media platforms- including this website! I also help groups to utilise technology and communication platforms to improve Scouting and make leaders' lives that little bit easier, so they can focus on the fun stuff!

Mark Smee
Explorer Scout Commissioner
Jim Pratt
Assistant District Commissioner (Scouts)

The reason I do Scouting is for the fun, adventure,the chance to do something different, and giving back to the local community.

Emily Johns-Turner
Assistant District Commissioner (Cubs)
Phillipa Couzens
Assistant District Commissioner (Beavers)

I became a Beaver Scout Leader in 2003 when my son joined, and stayed on in the group when he moved up to Cubs. I then had a District Assistant role, over a few years helping at least 3 other Beaver Scout Colonies and a Cub pack to start up and expand. I enjoyed working as a part of a team to deliver weekly sessions, there is always lots of laughter and I got to do all sorts of fun things I wouldn't have otherwise done. I've learned some new skills and been able to pass some of them on.With my husband, I also ran a District 5 a side football annual event for several years and got involved in other District events such as WanJam. I am now supporting a great team of enthusiastic leaders, and enjoy organising Beaver events and sleepovers.

Tony Clutten
Assistant District Commissioner (Activities)
I started at 7 in Cubs then Scouts and Venture Scouts which were new then. I was an ASL (cubs) at 14 running the Cub football team and at 15 was running a cCb pack and organising Explorers and a Guide troop program-all unofficially of course! All this was in Essex .
At 21 I left Scouts and became a full time outdoor pursuits instructor for 7 months for a Boys Brigade centre in Poole.  I then moved back to Essex and took on a job travelling away. After a further 5 months I got a local job and I took on ASL Scouts and ADC scouts in Essex moving to a Sea scout troop as SL when they became leaderless. After 18 years as SL Sea Scouts, I moved to Bath and then had another year out of Scouting whilst I did up my home in Clandown, Radstock.
I joined Midsomer Norton as ASL then SL  then added AGSL. Work took me away from home so I handed over the troop but stayed as ASL at MSN. When Clutton had no leaders I moved  there as ASL where I am currently temporary SL. I also hold roles as ADC Activities Wansdyke, Senior Instructor Avon County Sailing Team, and Coach at Avon Scout and Guide Canoe Club.I have been around in Scouting 61 years and  have held roles in scouting 54 years; 52 officially. 
Scouting has taken me places I would not have had the opportunity or confidence to go. It has certainly given me Skills for Life and I hope to keep on passing these on.
Stuart Whale
Assistant District Commissioner (Training)

One thing just leads to another!  Having been a Cub & Scout in my youth I reconnected with Scouting with my children as they joined Beavers in 2007.  It wasn’t long before I started to volunteer; first as Beaver Scout Leader and then Group Scout Leader. Now I help and support volunteers completing their Scout Training.

Helen Bush
Assistant District Commissioner (Inclusion)
Hilary Mander
Badge Secretary

Hilary Mander, District Badge Secretary, served as a Beaver Leader in Croydon for 5 years, before retiring to Wansdyke and supporting husband John (District Chairman).

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