What are the advantages of using Google Workspace?

  • Our Google Workspace accounts are hosted with Google, one of the largest providers of business email services. It’s secure, fast and reliable.
  • All your data is backed up and secured. This means if you delete something by mistake, it can be restored.
  • A separate Scouting email address allows you to keep Scouts out of your personal inbox. If you’re on holiday or just need a break, you can switch off from your Scouting inbox without touching your personal inbox.
  • You get access to Google Groups, which means you can send and receive emails from distribution lists that are relevant for you.
  • A branded email address looks more professional than a personal email address. If you work with businesses, local officials or anyone you’re trying to impress – a branded email address is the way to go.
  • It creates more trust in the information you send out. Anyone can create an email address pretending to be part of your group using a personal account such as saltfordscoutleader@hotmail.com.

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