Media, Brand and Communications

Media and Communications

The media and communications team are available to support with digital tools and publications.

Here's some examples of how we can help:

  • Publishing images, text, video and audio in the press or online
  • Covering events by gathering content (photos, videos, interviews, etc)
  • Promoting events (creating posters/flyers, advertising, etc)
  • Supporting with recruitment through advertising online and in-print
  • Helping to setup digital tools
  • Setting up Wansdyke Cloud accounts
  • Supporting your group/unit with social media and a website

We're ready and waiting to hear from you when you need us!

Just email [email protected]

Wansdyke Cloud

We provide free accounts for all adult volunteers in Wansdyke, which has access to a Scouting email address, secure online file storage, and an online set of apps (documents, spreadsheets, presentations, video calling, etc.)

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In 2018, The Scouts introduced the new 'Skills For Life' brand. We have lots of useful resources to help your group/unit look great!


We've collated all of our local logos for you to use here.

Email Signature

Just copy and paste the below text as your email signature, editing the relevant parts. Your email signature should be in Arial and all-black colouring.

Your Name
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Your Group/District/County/Area/Region

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Online: | @SocialMediaHandle | /FacebookPage

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