Data protection

Keeping data safe, sound and secure

Data protection is the role of all members who have access to personal data in Scouting. It’s about ensuring the security of the data we hold, using data only when we need to, and respecting the guidance set out by the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

In Wansdyke, the responsibility for data protection (as set out by HQ) is delegated. Each scout group has legal responsibility to comply with GDPR and follow the guidance, independent of the district. Explorer Scout Units and any district entities are managed by the District Executive Committee, with a set Data Protection Officer for support. However, groups are welcome to engage with the district for guidance and further support.

Resources for groups

Resources for district units and teams

If a data breach has occurred (district units/teams only)

Read the initial guidance and take remedial action if it is appropriate to do so. Fill in the breach notification form and await a response from the Data Protection Officer or responsible Executive Committee Member.

Further support

Support is available from the District Data Protection Officer at

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