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Online Scout Manager

Administration, record-keeping and much more to help leaders.

Google Workspace

Google Workspace is the district’s cloud-based set of collaborative tools. It includes email, file storage, video conferencing and a set of other useful applications.

What is included with Google Workspace?

We have access to the full suite of Google Workspace products.

Each user receives an email address ( or accessible through Gmail, 30GB of Google Drive file storage, Google Meet video conferencing, access to all productivity apps and more.

A full list of features is available on the Google Workspace website.

What are the advantages of using Google Workspace?

  • Our Google Workspace accounts are hosted with Google, one of the largest providers of business email services. It’s secure, fast and reliable.
  • All your data is backed up and secured. This means if you delete something by mistake, it can be restored.
  • A separate Scouting email address allows you to keep Scouts out of your personal inbox. If you’re on holiday or just need a break, you can switch off from your Scouting inbox without touching your personal inbox.
  • You get access to Google Groups, which means you can send and receive emails from distribution lists that are relevant for you.
  • A branded email address looks more professional than a personal email address. If you work with businesses, local officials or anyone you’re trying to impress – a branded email address is the way to go.
  • It creates more trust in the information you send out. Anyone can create an email address pretending to be part of your group using a personal account such as

Who’s eligible for an account?

Any adult volunteer in Wansdyke can apply for an account. This includes groups, explorer units, the district team and district executive committee.

You must have a current Scouting role on Compass in order to apply.

The email address you wish to receive your account details to must be registered on Compass. To see how to view and edit this address, visit the Compass Support site.

Where can I find help?

The district media and communications team provides support for this system.

View the helpdesk for lots of useful tutorials and frequently asked questions.

You can also email


We’ve pulled together the useful resources you need to make your group/unit ‘on-brand’.

Looking good…

For a range of on-brand, customisable and ready-to-use tools, head to the brand centre. There’s everything from images to videos, posters to recruitment materials, and everything else in between.

How we can help

The media and communications team is here to support you.

  • Publishing images, text, video, and audio in the press or online
  • Covering events by gathering content (photos, videos, interviews, etc)
  • Promoting events (creating posters/flyers, advertising, etc)
  • Supporting with recruitment through advertising online and in print
  • Helping to setup digital tools
  • Setting up and supporting Google Workspace accounts
  • Supporting your group/unit with social media and a website
  • Support with Online Scout Manager
  • General technology, digital, PR, communications or media advice

View our helpdesk

We’ve created support articles, answers to frequently asked questions and video tutorials for various pieces of relevant software/applications. These include Google Workspace and Online Scout Manager.

View the helpdesk >

Further Support

Contact James Swallow, Media and Communications Manager.

James can advise and support on communications, digital tools, branding, media and publicity.

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