Information on gaining new members and volunteers

Volunteer recruitment

Finding new volunteers can sometimes feel daunting. But don’t worry, lots of support is available.

  • The first port-of-call is to contact the district team – there is a network of volunteers who are experienced in recruitment on hand to help
  • Simple and effective resources (such as posters, vacancy boards, social media templates, images, videos and other useful materials) are available to access through the Brand Centre
  • The district’s Media and Communications team have access to a number of volunteering-based vacancy platforms and can advertise specific roles for your group or unit
  • The Scouts have provided a toolkit for recruiting volunteers, including how to create a recruitment plan, ideas for how to recruit volunteers and how to effectively communicate with potential volunteers
  • The Scouts also produce monthly webinars which you can join with helpful tips to help you on your recruitment journey
  • The four-week challenge is an initiative that encourages someone to ‘give it a go’ for 4 weeks. See how you can use the challenge to help.

Once you’ve found new volunteers, you may find our Training Hub useful.

Recruiting new members

Opening a new section? A large group of young people moving on? Struggling with retention? These tips will help you to grow your section.

  • Just like recruiting new volunteers, we have a web of support available from the district team – get in touch to see how they can help
  • The Brand Centre has lots us useful resources which you can use, like social media posts, videos and flyers. It’s free and easy to use.
  • There are a few different strategies you can use to get new people into Scouts, such as: ‘bring a friend’, partnering with schools and running taster sessions
  • If you’re looking to open a new section, there’s a detailed guide which offers support and advice, every step of the way
  • If young people are leaving or become unengaged, acting quickly to re-engage young people is important
  • The Scouts also have useful webpages providing more strategies, tips and resources to recruit and retain your members

Need further support?

For section-specific support, our Assistant District Commissioners for Beavers, Cubs and Scouts and the District Explorer Scout Commissioner for Explorers can help. They can help to plan an engaging programme, signpost you to useful activity ideas and work with you to make your section accessible for all. The wider district team is also available to support with specific recruitment requests.

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